We are all travelers on an unending voyage of discovery. I will help you reach a deeper understanding of life and access the most precious things money can not buy; finding happiness & true love through living for others.



To be aware is to be alive. Motivation is a short term emotion most people experience. My message is focused on sharing awareness so that students can use to these traits to empower themselves to reach their full potential and live out their best life.

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Over 50% of adults in America have been reported being unhappy with their career. I help my audience reach the state of mind in which they gained profound understanding of happiness and how it can be achieved in order for them to reach their full potential.

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Steven Duclair

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Steven Duclair is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and interpersonal communication specialist. Speaking across the state, he teaches the importance of living life in a charitable mindset, reaching a deeper understanding for life, and finding profound happiness through gratitude. His goal is to encourage people to live their lives to the fullest by living for others.


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Steven Duclair is a is a mentor who aims to improve the lives of everyone he encounters and wants to help you do the same.
He coaches individuals and teams, with the aim to improve their lives as much as possible. His services are applicable to everyone and aim to widen your perspective and horizons.
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